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Sunday, May 25, 2003


The Canadians stared in diebelief as the US hurriedly created a police state in reponse to September 11. They stared and scorned. It could never happen in Canada, they said. Well, it is happening!

The Canadian police state will not be constructed in reponse to a presumed terrorist threat. It will be fashioned in the name of public health! The US version is to provide the public with security. The Canadian version will be to provide the public with protection against disease.

The dynamics of the Canadian police state are provided by SARS and mad-cow disease. These illnesses are the stuff to inspire panic. The public will beg the government to protect them against these dread diseases. And the government will agree to do so - at the price of increasing government powers, using policies of enforced isolation and quarantine, and raising taxes. The government will use public health as an excuse to probe into private lives. And to extend its controls.

Remember...The police state is not forced on an unwilling people. It results from the people asking to be protected from some dire threat. The police state is always based on consent. But when the people want to withdraw their consent, they will find that the government is enthroned in power and will say "no."

Terrorism. Public health. Jews. Muslims. The presumed threat will always serve to arm the police state. The police state will thus come on little cat feet, not to the march of jack boots. The jack boots come later.

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