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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Creative Daze at Defense

The US Defense Department is showing unusual creativity in its thinking these days. Is anyone worried about the chaos in Iraq in the aftermath of the war that we have declared "won"? Don't be nervous about the killings, the looting, the crime, the robberies, the disorder. Don't worry that the country has become a shooting gallery with US military personnel as the ducks! These are all signs of victory, or, in the words of the Defense Department, "the unavoidable consequence of a triumphant war plan."

"We are facing some of the problems brought on by our very success in the war," says Douglas Feith, undersecretary for defense policy. What a relief! We thought all that mess in Iraq was something to worry about! It is not! It is all a sign that we won a triumphant victory!

How comforting to learn that Pentagon planning was perefect! That "it is not right to assume that any current problems in Iraq can be attributed to poor planning." You see, the current chaos in Iraq is the consequence of good planning and a plan faultlessly executed.

Success is failure. Victory is defeat. War is peace. Black is white. Slavery is freedom. We have heard all this before. Words used to obfuscate rather than to elucidate.

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