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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Pundits, journalists, and peddlers of easy explanations are arguing that the presidential election showed the US is a divided nation. Beware that argument! It is part of a political agenda.

On the question of same-sex marriage, America is not divided. The American population resultely rejects the idea. And it is not a rejection that can be dismissed as the fantasy of religous fanatics and ignorant rednecks and red state bigots. Here is a passage from a liberal newspaper, The Boston Globe, on the subject: "America is not divided on this issue. The national consensus on the meaning of marriage is strong and broad, uniting whites with blacks, the Bible Belt with the coasts, working class with the well-to-do. Same-sex marriage advocates went 0-for-13 this year not because they were thwarted by intolerant extremists but because they are demanding something wildly out of step with American values and history. Gay and lesbian activists should be able to acknowledge the legitimacy of the nation's deep opposition to homosexual marriages. And they should be able to respect the outcome of the democratic process, even if they don't like it." (Jeff Jacoby, "Listen to America," The Boston Globe, November 7, 2004 www.bostonglobe.com).

Coming together after the election? On this issue, we are already there.

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