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Saturday, November 06, 2004


Most Democrats show that they do not understand the election results. Are there any Reublicans who do not get it?

Yes! Senator Arlen Specter. The votes were scarcely counted when, anticipating that he will be chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Specter warned President Bush that he (Specter) would not allow any appointments to the US Supreme Court that were strict constructionist, too conservative, or seemed to be pro-life.

Did Specter not understand what the voters were telling him? The essence of democracy is that the people rule!

Maybe the Specter position is not a surprise. What is a surprise is that the voters who elected Bush, the Red State people, plan to continue to exert their will on the political process. They are not going away. Politicians who think they only have to worry about the people when there is an election in process had better learn that the times have changed.

Opposition to Specter's appointment as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has mobilized on the Internet. Check out http:///www.notspecter.com which has an online peition to sign in opposition to Specter.

For a further sign that the Red State voters will keep organized to assure thet their victory will not be sabotaged or undermined or squandered: look at http://www.redstate.org.

The election of 2004 might well go down as the election that mobilized an ongoing public against the politicians who think they can go back to business as usual. Politics is changing! Democracy rules!

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