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Saturday, November 27, 2004


Did President Bush let slip that Israel will bomb Iran's nuclear facilities to stop it from developonmg nuclear weapons? This story in The New York Sun carries that implication: "Bush Hints at Israeli Role in Iranian Atom Bomb." It claims that

At a dinner party two weeks before the election, President Bush agreed that a
second-term flashpoint would likely center around the acquisition of nuclear
weapons by Iran."It is Israeli policy not to let that happen," Mr. Bush
said, adding after a moment's pause. "Don't go telling anyone I gave a green

Israel could be a surrogate for the US in an aerial attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, giving a new meaning to the term "coalition of the willing." Israel once bombed nuclear facitlities in Iraq to stop the atomic bomb program promoted by Saddam Hussein. Performing the same function in Iran would be doing exactly what the Bush Administration wants.

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