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Saturday, November 20, 2004


We have been warning that the US dominance in Latin America is being challenged by China while the US is preoccupied in the Middle East. The Monroe Doctrine has for over 150 years claimed Latin America as a US sphere of influence. Expect the Monroe Doctrine to be challenged in the 21st century.

Now The New York Times has picked up on the Chinese push into Latin America in its article, "China Widening Economic Role in Latin America." Here is the gist of the article:

But while the United States may still regard the region as its backyard,
its dominance is no longer unquestioned. Suddenly, the presence of China can be
felt everywhere, from the backwaters of the Amazon to mining camps in the

One of the costs of US intervention in the Middle East may be the loss of Latin America as its backyard. It is part of a process in which China will increasingly challenge the US position as the world's only super power.

The end of the Monroe Doctrine will be one of the major reversals of modern history.

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