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Friday, November 26, 2004


For some time we have been watching China move in on Latin America to extend its economic reach and assure itself of a supply of needed resources.

Now China is making a move on Canada. Toronto's Globe and Mail reports on that move in "China in Talks to Buy Calgary Oil Giant." China wants to but Husky Energy, a Canadian oil and gas giant, to assure supplies of oil for its ever-expanding economy. The move, if successful, would also make China a major player in the world's oil market.

This move on Husky is part of a broader Chinese agenda:

China has embarked on a global hunt to secure resources for its booming economy.
Chinese state firms are already active in Sudan and Peru, and are scouting
investment opportunities in other countries, including Ecuador, Chile, Australia
and Venezuela.

While the US is focused exclusively on its military adventures in the Middle East and committed to regime change there, the Chinese have continued their policy of global economic reach with the aim of challenging the dominant role of the US in the world.

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