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Saturday, November 06, 2004


After a major electoral defeat, a political party should conduct a post mortem, an autopsy, to determine what went wrong. This move is the prelude to making things right for the next election. Soul-searching some call it.

Here is what Nancy Pelosi, congresswoman from San Francisco and the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, has to say: "It's not about soul-searching. It may be about how we can educate the American people more clearly on the difference between Democrats and Reublicans." Translation: the American people are stupid and we, the Democratic elite, have to tell them how to think and how to vote.

Is this woman from the planet Earth? Her stubborn refusal to consider that the party might need to change shows why the Democrats lost the presidential election -- and why it will lose the next one. The Democratic Party refuses to consider that it is out of touch with maintream America!

Consider this nightmare: had the Democrats won the election, Ms. Pelosi would have become Speaker of the House.

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