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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


With the presidential election over, we will finally be freed from the media use of the word "nuance." It was the buzz word of this election, a term meant to conceal that Senator Kerry could not make a decision. The explanation for his incapacity was that his thinking was "nuanced." That is, he saw the complexities of reality. An excuse for a mental defect and a personal inertia!

Every election has its buzz word. In 2000, it was "gravitas:" a charge against then-Governor Bush that he lacked the gravitas necessary to be president. VP Gore presumably had it. So the media that beat the drums for Gore said. The word was actually an attempt to cover the fact that Gore was pompous and smug and self-important.

"Gravitas" is in the graveyard of dead words. "Nuance" will now join it. Requiescant in pace!

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