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Friday, November 19, 2004


Many members of the Republican Party are acting as if they think their victory in the recent election indicates a seismic shift in public opnion that will assure them permanent power. They are wrong. But in acting as if it were so, they will assure that it will not be permanent.

GOP arrogance will be the major factor in any Democratic victory in the future.

We have already posted in this subject, pointing out the arrogance of the neo-cons in believing they have a mandate to stifle any opposition to their ideology.

We also pointed out the mistake of the House Republicans in changing the rules to protect Tom DeLay. We are pleased to see that The New York Post columnist John Podhoretz agrees with us in his piece, "GOP Arrogance." And Podhoretz is a conservative who was sympathetic to Bush's re-election.

Power may make the GOP blind to the reality of American politics. That - not some magical candidate - is what could bring back Democratic control of the White House.

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