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Thursday, November 04, 2004


The canned wisdom of the Old Media pundits now is that the major beneficiary of Kerry's defeat in the presidential election just passed is Senator Hillary Clinton. They have all but annointed her as the Democratic nominee for 2008 and already counted her as elected.

This trend fits into the long-term Hillary strategy of making it look as if it is inevitable that she be elected president. She has played this game, abetted by the Clintonistas, since she left the White House and entered the senate chamber. The point is to get the public, even the Hillary haters, to adjust to the fact that she will be president one day and there is nothing you can do to stop it. That plan is meant to make her passage to power easier by preconditioning public opinion for the eventuality. A clever strategem! And one aided and abetted by the Old Media.

But this canned wisdom is as appealing as canned dogfood! There is nothing inevitable about a Hilllary presidency. In fact, Kerry's defeat makes it an impossibility. The Democrats will not nominate another northeastern liberal for the presidency in 2008 because the public has already rejected that generic choice. It will not nominate a candidate who is polarizing. Nor one who is totally identified with abortion on demand, gay marriage, gay-lesbian promotions, secular agendas, and the left wing of the party. And certainly not nominate one who spits at the traditional values that the public broadly endorsed when it voted overwhelmingly for President Bush.

If the party did, that would be the road to another total defeat. The conclusion? NO HILLARY in 2008.

It is time for the Democratic party to start looking for a new generation of leaders unburdened by the ideas and issues and follies of the past!

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