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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


The intelligence reform bill failed to get approval by the House of Representatives, even though President Bush favored it and, he alleges, lobbied for it. And the Republicans have a majority in the House!

Interestingly the opposition to the bill's passage came not from Democrats but from Republicans. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld opposed it, as did the Republican chairmen of the Judiciary Committe and the Military Affairs Committee.

As we warned before, Bush should begin watching for opposition to his programs developing among conservative Republicans!

What now has to be asked is whether Bush, with this act by the House, has become a lame duck already? The weakening of the president's powers in the last year of his final term is to be expected. What is a surprise here is that Bush's lame-duck status may already be appearing even before the start of his second term!

We will have to watch how Bush deals with Rumsfeld. If he does not fire him over this matter, he is acquiescing in being a lame duck.

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