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Sunday, November 14, 2004


In politics, what starts as tragedy ends up as farce.

Lee Roystone, a former girlfriend of Senator Kerry proves this statement with the publication of her novel , Hedge Fund Mistress. The novel is a semi-autobiographical work of fiction based on her affair with Senator Kerry. It promises, for those enticed by prurient appetites, to be a graphic depiction of love, lust, ambition, and a hundred other vices.

The novel has earned full discussion in Britain's Telegraph: "Kerry ex-girlfriend relives their affair in graphic novel." See how popular the Senator is abroad!

Ms. Roystone kindly delayed publication of the novel until after the election. Think of the talk show circuit and the book signings! Would she have published it had he won the election?

Who needs Theodore White or Bob Woodward with Ms. Roystone around?

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