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Thursday, November 11, 2004


It has long been a given that foreign policy is the exclusive right of the federal government. Like other gives, that may be changing.

That change may come in unexpetcted ways. Illinois and other states are negotiating to import pharmacuetical drugs from Canada as a way to cut the cost of presciptions. Nex Mexico, Illinois, and New York City are planning to import flu vaccine from Europe to meet the vacccine shortage. And California's Governor Schwarzenegger is on a four-day trade mission to Japan to promote trade and economic relations between his state and Japan.

Local jurisdictions are threatening what has been an exclusive federal government domain. The result will be that they thereby pressure the federal government into changing its policies or etsbalish that they too may conduct their own foreign policies.

The stated Republican commitment to federalism - the powers vested in the states by the Tenth Amendment - may lead to unexpected reults!

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