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Saturday, November 13, 2004


A mystery combined with conspiracy theories will surround the death of Yasir Araft unless an autopsy is conducted.

Beirut's English-language newspaper, Daily Star, published an article that effectively states the problem: "Mystery Lingers Over Cause of Arafat's Death." Behind all the speculation is the rumor that Arafat was poisoned. If he was, who was the culprit?

Here is what Arafat's doctor said:

"Arafat's physician, Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi, has called for an inquiry, saying poisoning was the 'highest' possible cause and urging an autopsy.
'One cause of platelet deficiency is poison,' said Kurdi, who examined Arafat in Ramallah two weeks ago. Although 'not definitive, I believe the highest reason for Arafat's mysterious death is poisoning. Therefore, there should be an autopsy.' "

Until the mystery of Arafat's death is resolved, there will be major problems in settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His death was "convenient" for too many people!

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