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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Among the major losers in the presidential election was David Boies.

You remember him! He was the chief lawyer in conducting Al Gore's campaign to win the 2000 election in the courts. He became something of a television personality, preening before every camera that would focus on him.

Boies, of course, popped up again on the day of the election, informing news audiences that he was ready to perform the same service for John Kerry in 2004.

In the Boies Room, the view evidently is that our leaders should be chosen by lawyers arguing before judges rather than by voters in voting booths. That would be a uniquely American form of coup d'etat. In most countries where the will of the electorate is thwarted, it is done by the army. In this case, it would be done by lawyers!

But dreams do sometimes dissolve before reality. Boies, with his attempt to pick our president, has faded away. Is it possible he will be back in 2008, older but not wiser?

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