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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Iraq's elections for the National Assembly are scehduled for January 30. In the face of the country's disorder and violence, there is a question of whether the elections will be postponed.

The point is this: If the elections are postponed, that will be a victory for the terrorists. The terrorists understand that and will do all in their power to create more turmoil and make holding the elections impossible.

In The Washington Post, an article on this subject, "Shiites Reject Delay of Elections," accurtately describes the situation:

Iraq's Shiite Muslim parties and the religious leadership headed by Grand
Ayatollah Ali Sistani on Saturday rejected a demand by other communities for a
delay in nationwide elections scheduled for Jan. 30, in an escalating dispute
that magnifies the country's ethnic and sectarian fault lines.

Parties representing Iraq's Sunni Muslim Arab minority, as well as ethnic Kurds and
other secular groups, had called for a delay of up to six months in the vote for
a National Assembly, which will be charged with appointing a government and
drafting a constitution. The postponement would allow more time to persuade
groups boycotting the election to take part and to bring calm to regions roiled
by a tenacious insurgency.

The Shiites, 60% of the country's population, want the elections held as scheduled. So do the interim government and its backer, the US. On the other side, the Sunnis, Kurds, and other secular parties want a delay so the order necessary for a free election can be restored.

The terrorists' main goal now is to get the elections delayed. They hope to achieve their goal by exploiting the fault lines in Iraq's political geography.

Watch for major terrorist offensives to achieve the end of making Iraq ungovernable.

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