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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Read the article by David Ignatius: "The Langley Lobotomy." It is the best reporting and analysis of the purge going on at the CIA. Here is the gist of the author's point:

It's crazy for a nation at war to be purging its spies. But that's what has
been happening in the weeks since former representative Porter Goss (R-Fla.) and
a phalanx of conservative congressional aides took over at the CIA. What makes
the putsch genuinely scary is that it seems to be driven by an animus toward the
CIA that could do real damage to the nation's security.

Goss's supporters argue that he's just trying to rebuild an agency that needs a
shakeup. And certainly the CIA could improve its performance: It is too
risk-averse, too prone to groupthink, too mired in mediocrity. But the cure for
these problems is hardly to send in a team of ideologues from Capitol Hill and
drive out the agency's most experienced intelligence officers. This
politicization can only make the agency's underlying problems even worse. And
heaven knows what foreign intelligence services, which are America's crucial
partners in the war on terrorism, make of the spectacle at Langley.

What's driving the Langley Lobotomy is a belief among conservatives
that the CIA is an impediment to Bush administration foreign policy. Civilian
officials at the Pentagon and neoconservatives at Washington think tanks have
been badmouthing the agency relentlessly for the past four years.

We are pleased to see that others now recognize that there is a neocon coup d'etat going on to transform the foreign policy apparatus of the US government into a willing tool of neocon ideology. The neocons want the CIA to produce politicized intelligence that supports the neocon goals. Fire anyone who doubts.That is the mission of Porter Goss.

State is next, under Condoleezza Rice.

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