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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


So Condoleeza Rice, National Security Adviser in the first Bush administration, will be secretary of state in the second Bush administration. Why are we not surprised?

Rice is an unquestioning and faithful servant of Dick Cheney's. She is thus being rewarded for her "loyalty.".

But, even more, she represents the continuation of the neo-con coup d'etat. She will do the bidding of the neo-cons. Look for a purge of the State Department when Rice takes over, comparable to the purge of the CIA now going on.

State has long been denounced by the neo-cons for harboring opposition to neo-con plans for an expansionist and interventionist military policy. They labeled these opponents as disloyal to Bush and sold the President on that idea. Now they are poised to empty State of anyone doubting their ideology. Rice will be the executioner: that is her job.

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