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Friday, November 19, 2004


Colin Powell, lame-duck Secretary of State, yesterday revealed that Iran has developed the missile capability to deliver atomic warheads. Today, the Administration issued a statement implicitly critcisizing him for doing so:

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell shared information with reporters Wednesday about Iran's nuclear program that was classified and based on an unvetted, single
source who provided information that two U.S. officials said yesterday was
highly significant if true but has not yet been verified.

What are we to make of this?

The answer is clear. Powell, in a final shot against the neo-cons who forced him out of office, exposed their agenda. The neo-cons want a confrontation between the US and Iran over nuclear weapons. And, it is certain that they will provoke one even on the basis of questionable intelligence, as they did in the case of Iraq. What do they intend? A war against Iran? A regime change in Teheran? Bombing Iran's nuclear production facilities? That specific is not clear.

But Powell has done the country a great service by revealing the neo-con agenda. Characteristically, he did not appear in the guise of a whistle-blower but as a concerned man sharing information. But he has blown the whistle!

Ask not for whom the whistle blows....

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