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Friday, November 12, 2004


All analysis of the recent presidential election commented on the bi-coastal nature of the Democratic vote.

The major phenomenon to watch over the next few years is how Republicans will plan to take California in 2008, entering it in the column of red states. President George H. W. Bush called California the "big enchilada." If the enchilada can become a Republican state, the republiucan hold on power will be complete and unchallengable.

Kerry won California this year, but by a smaller margin than Democrats in the past. Add to that the election in a special vote of a Republican governor, Anold Schwarzenegger. Signs of change! Look for a major Republican effert to swing California their way. It will be done by the generous usage of special-interest plebiscites and referendums, like gay marriage, that attract voters to the polls in great numbers.

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