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Thursday, December 02, 2004


New Jersey's US Senator Jon Corzine plans to run for the governorship of New Jersey in the upcoming election. Being chief executive in Trenton is a better route to the White House than being a Senator. But that is down the road. The first step is to be become Governor Corzine.

He has indicated that he will not resign his senate seat to run for governor. This decision indicates the current game of senators who take time off from their senate duties to run for another office, but in so doing neglect their senatorial jobs and duties.

John Kerry ran for president for two years, rarely even showing up in the senate. Massachusetts in effect had only one senator for this period, as he missed most votes. John Edwars of South Carolina did the same.

Is there no shame? People elected to do one job fail to do that job as they run for another. Those who undertake an arduous and time-consuming campaign for another office should have the decency to resign from their current one so the citizens they are paid to represent can have full-time representation. Not doing so, means they are paid for doing nothing. Cheats!

If senators will not voluntarily resign their seats to run for another office, they should be compelled to do so. A simple rule might be that if one misses fifty percent of votes - or even roll calls - the seat is declared vacant and an election is held to fill it.

Absentee senators are a national disgrace. And a means of cheating citizens.

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