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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Iraq Election Fizzle

Another sign has appeared to warn that the proposed January 30 election in Iraq will not be held. The majority Sunni party has declared that it will not participate in the election:

Iraq's largest mainstream Sunni Muslim party pulled out of the election
race yesterday, saying the violence plaguing areas north and west of Baghdad
made a "free and fair vote" on January 30 impossible.

The Sunnis recognize that the election will produce a victory for the majority Shiites, so they do not want an election held at all. While they are doubtless correct in saying that the civil disorver and violence gripping Iraq are sufficient reason to postpone the election, their real motive is that they know the election, when held, will exclude them from power. Their hope is that the US will impose a settlement on Iraq that will assure the Sunnis a share in the government.

It's called "democracy," folks.

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