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Monday, December 06, 2004


Britain's Guardian reports on the increasing level of violence in Iraq:

Insurgents in Iraq mounted a third straight day of serious attacks yesterday,
killing 17 people when they opened fire on buses delivering workers to an
ordnance disposal site.
At least 70 Iraqis, many of them members of the
police and security forces, have been killed since Friday in attacks across
central and northern Iraq.
The organised violence underlines the insurgency's continued strength despite last month's US military assault on Falluja and suggests that attacks will intensify in the run- up to next month's general election.

It is clear that the Pentagon has no policy other than to keep on doing what it has been doing, even though that does not work. Since President Bush is not planning to remove Rumsfeld and Company from command, the only thing that will change US policy in Iraq is the escalation of violence to an unacceptable level. The terrorists understand this.

The US public will finally react against this violence and repudiate the Pentagon policy. President Bush should understand that this reaction is coming.

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