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Monday, January 10, 2005

Sudan: Peace without Justice

There is rejoicing around the world over the signing of the Naivasha Protocols in Narobi that are intended to bring to an end twenty years of war in southern Sudan.

But don't rejoice too soon. The agreement, even if it were to work as written, will lead to peace in Sudan, but not justice. There are no provisions for bringing the perpetrators of the genocide to justice:

There is, however, an important flaw in the deal. Under the terms
of the Naivasha agreement, senior members of the Sudanese government responsible for heinous policies and abuses in southern Sudan get off scot-free.
There are no provisions for any kind of justice mechanism in the north-south peace accord-no truth commission or compensation for the many victims.

Genocide is the ugliest crime in the world, one that all nations should unite in prosecuting and expunging. In ignoring the crime of genocide, this agreement shocks the conscience of the world. It also assures that the settlement will not work because, in the long run, the victims of the genocide cannot accept the agreement.

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