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Thursday, February 17, 2005

General Confession

It was a first in US experience! Remember it!

Jason Giambi, overpaid Yankee baseball star, held a press conference in which he apologized but never said what it was he was apologizing for! Nor were reporters able to pry out of him what he had done wrong that required such an apology.

Look for Jason to have set a new trend. Public figures in the US can now apologize in public but never admit to any wrongdoing, never accept responsibility, nor face any consequences.

Politicians will love this. They can offer periodic public apologies without explanation. Then when are are later caught doing something wrong, they can dismiss the charge and explain that they have already apologized for it.

A generalized apology to cover all past and future acts!

Perfect in our age of talk-show weeping!

Oh, sincerity! How could we live without you?

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