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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Se habla espanol!

Senator Mel Martinez (D-FL) gave his maiden speech in the US Senate yesterday. Part of his speech was in Spanish, the language of his Cuban-American Miami-area community. It was the first time that any US senator has spoken in the chamber in a language other than English.

But it won't be the last. See this speech as a forecast of the future. Spanish is already the second language of the US, and the use of Spanish will increase in the country in the years ahead. Expect that one day the move will be made to have Spanish as an official language of the US. The senate will then become bilingual, and Spanish will be one of the languages of record.

Look at the parliamant in Canada. Its official business is conducted in French and English. A bicultural US will become bilingual.

Will a multicultural US become multilingual?

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